Dear Shmuel, Even though you are my only friend here, you are my bestfriend. I wish that I could come over there too I want to play catch with you or even checkers. I really do wish that fence was not there. You don’t know what a coffee stand is ? well a coffee stand is a place where you get coffee. What kind of work do you guys do? Why did the soldiers take all of your clothes and toys? That’s horrible. You still haven’t explained how to play that number game could you explain it to me now? So I am going to bring some more food tomorrow, what kind of sandwich would you like? I will be over there tomorrow at lunch time. I had a lot of fun with you today, what toy should I bring tomorrow? I have a ball, checkers, and lots of other toys, just name one and I’ll bring it tomorrow. Sincerely, Bruno Dear Bruno, You are also my best friend. How do you play checkers? Do you think you could teach me how to play? Now that I know what a coffee stand is I really wish I had one. We do all kinds of work we weed, dig holes, and clean. I don’t know why the soldiers took all of my belongings, I didn’t do anything to them for them to take away all of my toys and clothes. I already told you the numbers on us isn’t a number game, I don’t know what we have those number for. I like turkey sandwiches. It will be a lot of fun tomorrow when you come. Could you bring your checkers and teach me how to play? Sincerely Shmuel